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Protect Computer from viruses without using AntiVirus.

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Yes you can protect your computer from viruses without using any antivirus at all. This sounds tricky but its very simple. Now a days most of the viruses are come through USB’s. Every time we connect USB to our system we scan it for viruses with the help of antivirus. This could be quite expensive and time consuming as well. But not everyone knows that viruses can’t be activated unless you double click open your USB through My Computer or open it when Autorun dialog box appears when you connect USB to your system. Viruses activated from usb with the help of a file named “AUTORUN.inf

So what are the options left to open USB drive. There is another way to open USb Drive and it’s Safe too. Always open USB drive using MY Computer and then go to the Address bar type your USb drive letter or select from a list shown below.
Now that you open USB it doesn’t mean that virus is removed from USB. It’s still in USB so now we have to remove virus and file “AUTORUN.inf“. Most of the viruses are hidden so first we have to unhide the settings in Folder Options. To do this open Folder Options from Control Panel or from openMy Computer-> menu-> Tools-> Folder Options. Folder Options dialog box appears. Click on View tabas shown below. Then select option Show hidden files and folders as shown below and unselect check box of Hide protected Operating system files(Recommended). Now Click Apply and then Click OKbutton.
Now delete files Which are hidden and file named “AUTORUN.inf“. This will remove any virus found in the USB and its files.

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